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FurZigZagRThe new Furby 2013 known as the Furby Boom has increased its play value enormously thanks to the new Furblings App.

The Furby Boom App is optional but opens up a whole new world of interactive play. It’s all about THE MORE THE BETTER: The more eggs you hatch the more furblings you have to play with. The more you play the more new features open up.

Best of all it’s FREE.

If you haven’t already done so check out our complete Furby Boom Review including how it has been received by customers and up-to-date Best Prices.

Here, on this page we are going to run through the main features the Furblings App has to offer.

Furby Boom App Features:

Give Your Furby a Name

When starting the App for the first time you can name your Furby by choosing from a number of Furbish names. The Furby then “learns” its name and will be able to recognize it. Later when he meets other (real!) Furby friends they can remember each others names. Needless to say, children love saying the foreign sounding names and are naturally curious about their meaning, like “Day-Boh” for “Fuzzy Tummy” or “Doo-Toh” for “Dancing eyes”.

Taking Care of Your Furby Boom

Not only can you take care of your Furby Boom by feeding, playing (see below), giving medicine when needed, taking him to the toilet or letting him take a shower (and watch your Furby how he reacts to the temperature of the water).  All of this helps you also to…

…Collect Colourful, Digital Eggs

Virtual eggs can be collected in various ways – by caring for the Furby, interacting with Furby friends or simply finding them. You can even collect a GOLDEN EGG! (Hint: You need to fill up all the towers in Furby Boom City)

Hatch the Eggs for Furblings

Together with your Furby you can hatch the eggs and you’ll let Furblings come to live. They are the inhabitants of …

Furby Boom City

There is lots to discover alongside the ever growing population of Furblings. Games to play, friends to meet and you can even…

Earn Furbucks

Play and you can earn Furbucks. That’s right, virtual Furby money is called Furbucks and can be used to make Furby Boom City an even better place.

On our homepage we are reviewing all the features Furby Boom has to offer.

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